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Sonimat S.A.S.
27, rue St. Exupéry
86140 Lencloitre, France (la)

Téléphone: +33 5 49194222
Fax: +33 5 49194557

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Portrait de l'entreprise

Manufacturer of ultrasonic devices (generators, converters, sonotrodes/horns, presses…) and welding expert with ultrasonic, hot plate, infrared, laser and friction processes. For all welding assembly and cutting applications, SONIMAT provides innovative and reliable solutions thanks to its digital technology control :

PLASTICS : continuous welding, spot welding, riveting, staking, inserting…. for an efficient and repeatable assembly of your plastic parts. In this field, SONIMAT also provides hot-plate and infrared welders and spin welders in order to answer to most of your applications. Whatever your needs are, we have a solution:

- ESW models – Ultrasonic & digital welding press

- RSW models – spin/friction welding

- HPW models – Hot Plate and Infrared welding

- LSW models – Laser Welding

- SSP equipment – ultrasonic manual cutting and spot welding

These solutions come with many options : rotating tray, defective part tracking system, soundproof workstation, multi-head system, …)

NON-WOVEN : cutting, cauterizing, sticking, laminating, sewing…for the all non-woven products like filters, medical devices and hygiene

PACKAGING: intermittent or continuous sealing systems to be integrated on vertical or horizontal packaging machines. Our innovative solutions provide a better tightness of the sealing and a higher control of the production data 

COMPOSITES: innovative leader of cutting and welding solutions for dry products and  prepregs for the production of composite parts

SONIMAT solutions are adapted to industrial specifications and requirements in order to be meeting reliability and repeatability of your production process enhanced by a better control & saving of production data.